User agreement

Online shop of (further online shop) from one side and customer of commodities (further is Customer) on the other hand obligated to abide by this Agreement.


1.1. Processing order on the web-site of Customer accedes to the real terms.

1.2. The personal data of Customers do not get to the third person but saved for providing service of sale of the commodities presented on our website. The internet is a shop of reserves a right to use this information in marketing aims (analysis of the commodities given about sales, segmentation of clients, analysis of visited of the web-site, distribution to the clients).


2.1. Taken order by means of the web-site of, and also by phone indicated on a web-site.

2.2. The representative of the online shop confirms processing order in the flow of hour. If an order is done in a non-working time, week or festive ends, the representative of the online shop will contact with Customer in the near working future.

2.3. After placing the order Customer receives a message on the electronic address indicated during registration that his order is accepted by automatic control system by orders and before long with him, the representative of the online shop will contact for processing order, verification of the presence of the ordered commodities and clarification of terms of payment and delivery.

2.4. Order ignores executed (only for payment in cash) if the Customer did not pass the stage of confirmation of order to the representative of the online shop by phone (A customer does not pick up, is out of the zone of action of the network).


3.1 Terms of payment and delivery of commodities to Customer “delivery and payment” are regulated by a division.

3.2. A customer understands the possibility of the origin of the situation at that on delivery required more than 3 working days (absence of free machines, delivering the orders of the online shop, and other) or delivery will be in general temporal impossible. Thus the Internet shop of assumes no obligations under reimbursement of some losses of Customer, related to ill-timed delivery of the order. If the Customer is not arranged by delivery dates, he has a right to give up an order.


4.1. Together with a commodity Customer gets the Expense invoice on a commodity.

4.2. If the Customer wishes to get a check, he must additionally specify it in the process of processing order or to the representative of the online shop by phone.


5.1. The internet is a shop of reserves a right to change the terms of this Agreement, here about all fundamental changes in Agreement the Internet shop of is obligated to warn Customer by e-mail, and Customer does not object to getting from the Internet of the shop of the report such.

5.2. The internet is a shop of must give in free access for Customers of the condition of this Agreeing to the web-site.


The internet is a shop of at any time without notification can make an alteration in the materials and services, given on this web-site, and also in the products and prices mentioned in them. The internet is a shop of not under what circumstances does not carry to responsibility for any damage (including, but not limited to the damage from the loss of profit, data or from breaking of business activity), arising up because of the use, impossibility of the use or results of the use of this website.

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