Exchange and return of goods

You can return or exchange goods that did not suit you within 14 days from the date of purchase.  This right is guaranteed to you by the Consumer Protection Act.
Conditions for the exchange or return of goods in this case: According to article 9 of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights, goods of good quality (without defects) can be exchanged or returned to the store within 14 days, excluding the day of purchase, if the following conditions are met:

  • the goods were not in use and have no signs of use: scratches, scuffs, signs of tampering, there is no trace of liquid entering the product or packaging, documentation;
  • presentation is preserved – ie all labels, stickers and other accessories of the goods remain unchanged, the goods are fully equipped, packaged;
  • there are all documents for the goods (receipt or receipt confirming the purchase), all labels, factory marking and packaging are saved.

Return Instructions

Exchange/return of quality goods
To return a quality product, certain reasons for the return are required, which are indicated in Art.  9 of the Law of Ukraine On Protection of Consumer Rights (hereinafter – the Law), and the condition of the goods, namely:
1) the goods were purchased by the Buyer no later than 14 days from the date of presentation of the demand for return, not counting the day of purchase;
2) the goods are subject to return in accordance with the List of goods of good quality, which are not subject to exchange (return), approved by the Resolution of the CMU.

Goods that are not exchangeable:

  • Perfume and cosmetic products;
  • Personal hygiene products;
  • Underwear;
  • Children’s products;
  • Tools for pedicure and manicure;
  • And other products not related to the assortment of our online store.

3) commodity did not suit to Customer on grounds that are unconnected with claims against the quality of commodity;
4) commodity was not used, his commodity kind, packing, consumer qualities, stopping, labels, stored, mechanical damages are absent, a commodity is on-condition;
5) The customer produces the calculation document given out at the purchase of the commodity.
ATTENTION! At the return of quality commodity right to exchange a commodity for analogical for Salesman at that a commodity was acquired (ст.9 Law) is given Customer, but not at once to require the back of money. And only if the Salesman does not have an analogical commodity for an exchange, Customer has a right:
– to return the purchased commodity simultaneously with the acquisition for Salesman of other commodities from a present in an assortment shop with the corresponding count of cost and inpayment of positive difference, or by a return by the shop of negative difference between the costs of commodities;

An exchange/ return of commodity of the inadequate quality
A commodity of the low quality is a commodity, containing defects. A lack of commodity is this disparity to the declared descriptions.
There got commodity must correspond to maintenance on a website.

The difference of elements of design or registration from declared on a website description is not the sign of the inadequate quality.
The authentic colors of wares can differ from colors and tints on a website, depending on colour rendition of your monitor (display).

A commodity was acquired by Customer not later 14 days from the date of producing of requirement about a return, not counting the day of purchase;
If you got the commodity of the low quality (at opening packing found out productive marriage – Send to us on the e-mail of a com c mark “Return”

  • Photo of a commodity on that marriage/is visible defect;

After it, our manager will contact you for clarification of details.

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